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Delhi Riots: Suppression And Manipulation Of FIR's

The blatant disregard for the law shown by the Delhi Police force and several government leaders during/regarding the Delhi riots has reached an all-time high. 751 first information reports (FIRs) that have been filed by the police are still not made available on the official website.

Charge sheets related to the communal riots have begun to be filed and although that helps the general public to have a better idea regarding the investigation, crucial questions such as ‘Which crimes have been recognised by the state? What part of the violence documented relating to the riots made it into the books?’ remain unanswered.

The FIR’s containing sensitive information which may be subjected to public scrutiny or could prejudice the investigation is usually not uploaded by the police. But holding 751 FIR’s and not revealing their contents is raising concerns from the general public.

The lack of FIR’s against political leaders such as Kapil Misra who allegedly set fire to a pandal and pelting stones to get the protesters riled up, making the situation worse is also worth noting. Several citizens have complained about the attitude of the police when filing FIR’s which included threats to falsely implicate them in cases.

Losing belief in the police force is fortunately not a new thing for the country. Several other instances where cases filed against the police officers who looted, perpetrated attacks on mosques, refusing to take action against a physical assault which led to someone’s death were received but not filed by the police.

Another video, fact-checked by AltNews, an independent platform, showed police officers beating a group of injured men lying on the road and forcing them to sing the national anthem. One of the officers who was recording a video while beating them up can be heard asking the hardly conscious man  to sing the national anthem “properly.”

It is not an overreaching statement to say that the Delhi police is the biggest gang in the city.  The mandatory rule every police station has to follow when they receive an official complaint is to file an FIR so that the complaints can approach the court although costly is also getting taken away from the people.

The FIR’s that have been filed is another issue. The police confirmed that for offences other than murder, 15 to 20 cases were clubbed together into one FIR even if the facts and characteristics of the cases are completely different.

Delayed FIR’s leads to the loss in time for preserving crucial evidence as they are the earliest information received with vital details. Investigations into unrelated offences should be recorded in separate charge sheets and trials so that the police can investigate the case and file a report in the court. But adding complaints to unrelated FIRs, instead of registering them separately, makes every other step difficult. Victim’s right to file protest petitions is also rendered ineffective if a victim’s statement is merely added to an FIR and not registered separately.

This is a barrier to justice by erasing crimes and providing no answers. These tactics used by the police regarding the Delhi riot makes us wonder what else remains unanswered and unaddressed. The police should be held accountable for their actions and address their inability to deal with mass riots and criminal cases to ensure justice is served.

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