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academics in Covid-19 disrupted

Academics In Covid-19: Another Fallen Prey To The Virus

academics in Covid-19 disrupted
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Over the past six months, we have been hearing about the disruptions caused by Covid-19, whether it is pertaining to the economic system of the country or the matters of life and death.

Amidst all the livelihoods that had no option but to comply with the nation-wide lockdown, what also came as striking news was that about the academics in Covid-19; the halting of final examinations of several of the academic strata, which had never been done before. Unfortunate, as it is, academic opportunities have also fallen prey to this pandemic as the plans and aspirations of so many students have been hampered.

Class 10 and 12 Board Examinations, which are considered two of the most imperative milestones before undergrad, were unable to make it through all the papers by the time lockdown was initiated in the last week of March. This resulted in the students of the two classes to hang by the thread as they either wait to finish off all their papers or to hear their results.

Not to mention, it is based on these exams that the students’ further admissions into academic institutions pan out. However, this is not the only way in which academics in Covid-19 has been thrown into complete disarray. 

While several institutions conducted online examinations and assessments, there still remains a large chunk of educational organisations and streams that simply cannot do so. Written submissions and vivas aside, assessments like practicals cannot be conducted through an online platform. So, there are a lot of classes across the country that have not yet graduated, because they have not been able to write their final exams. This has impeded the plans of students in the sense that they stand as an inapplicable candidate if looking for work opportunities or even post-graduation admissions. 

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With that, the academics in Covid-19 have not only frozen the opportunities that these students could have availed, but also dumped a whole load of pressure on their shoulders. 

According to a report by, the extension of the lockdown forced states like Telangana and Tamil Nadu to cancel the Class 10 examinations, and assess the students as per their performances shown in the past exams which were held by their respective schools. As far as Class 12 is concerned, CBSE informed the Supreme Court last week, that the pending exams that were supposed to resume from July 1, would be cancelled altogether. 

As a further solution to this, CBSE said that Class 12 would be segregated into three divisions. “Candidates who had already written more than three subjects will be allotted the average marks in the best three performing subjects to the cancelled examination. That is if the students had already written the examination on four subjects, the average of the three subjects in which they have scored the highest marks will be allotted to the unwritten subjects,” the report said. 

“Those who had finished only three subjects would be allotted the average of scores in two subjects they have scored the maximum marks. For those who had written only two subjects, marks for the unwritten examinations would be allotted based on the average of the two completed subjects and past internal assessments in the schools,” it added. 

In an interview that it conducted with the students who had fallen prey to academics in Covid-19, Vamika Aggarwal brought forward a rather valid argument saying, “The CBSE evaluation categories could pose difficulty to some students, as the foreign universities expect a certain grade for eligibility. If the students had not performed too well in the few subjects for which they had already written the examinations and were hoping to make up with the others to improve their overall scores, this formula of using averages could affect their prospects.” 

As an alternative, CBSE said that it would allow written exams for the students who were not satisfied with their scores but given that the lockdown has been extended until July 31, there are very few chances of re-examinations being conducted at all.  займ на киви мгновенно круглосуточноиркутск быстрый займвзять займ 1000 рублей на карту

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