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Knock Knock! Snapdeal's Robot Got Your Order

If you open your door and find a robot standing in front, don’t freak out as it could be your Snapdeal order delivered to you by a robot. Yes, you heard it right.

The ecommerce company is working with autonomous mobility startup Ottonomy IO to make robots for last-mile deliveries. They have successfully conducted the testing of robots in select societies of Delhi NCR.

What’s Up With Snapdeal Robot? 

The robots can run along sidewalks in local streets without any help to deliver orders in steep lanes. Using artificial intelligence,  machine learning and cameras, it navigates crowded areas by creating a 3D map to understand the external world.

Instead of knocking the door or ringing doorbell, the robot sends an alert to the buyer along with a QR code. User scans the code to unlock the robot and receive the order. As it carries multiple orders at a time, the QR code used by the customer only unlocks the specific package hold area that contains the order placed by the user.

The best part: it sanitises the packages on the way. They use ultraviolet lighting to disinfect the packet. Contactless autonomous delivery of goods with an in-built disinfection feature is the first-of-its-kind initiative globally in ecommerce.

Snapdeal’s Next Big Bet: Robots? 

After losing the ecommerce race to Flipkart and Amazon, Snapdeal is experimenting a lot to remain in the ecommerce business. Of all experiments, shifting its focus to tier 2 and beyond has actually worked for the company. And out of nowhere, it is now betting on robots.

A Snapdeal spokesperson reportedly said that the company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop future-oriented capabilities. “Delivery via robots is part of the evolving future of logistics and we are excited to partner with Ottonomy IO to test these technologies. We believe that delivery robots will have a unique role to play in e-commerce deliveries in large townships, institutional campuses and other managed residential environments. Contactless delivery via robotic vehicles is a step in building a safer and convenient future for shoppers.” выдать займвзять займ под залогзайм с моментальным решением он лайн займзайм 300000быстро займ москва

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