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Galwan Valley

Galwan Valley Pullback Might Have Come at a Cost

Galwan Valley
(Photo Credit: BBC)

Approximately a month after the military clashes between Indian and Chinese troops, the process of disengagement at contentious locations along the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC) was negotiated on June 30 between senior military commanders from both sides. According to the reports, the LAC between India and China has been shifted into Indian territory by a kilometre after the mutual troop disengagement in Galwan Valley.

The boundary shifted between India and China is one km inside India when compared with the LAC’s historical alignment next to Patrolling Point 14 (PP-14). The area in which PP-14 is located, and which the Indian Army has patrolled for decades is now effectively falling inside China’s “buffer zone”.

The Chinese have successfully managed to dominate the agenda in the military disengagement, along the disputed line of actual control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, by quietly realigning boundaries to their tactical advantage.

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“The plan permits each country to maintain two ‘tent posts’ in its buffer zone. The forward ‘tent post’ will be located 1.4 km from the Y-junction. Their second ‘tent post’ will be 1.6 km further behind the forward post, i.e. three km from the Y-Junction,” the Business Standard report said. As per the agreement, both India and China are permitted to maintain 30 soldiers in its forward ‘tent post’ and another 50 soldiers in its rear ‘tent post’.

Now, after the third round of pullback talks at Chushul between India’s Lieutenant General Harinder Singh and the PLA’s Major General Liu Lin, this Y-junction area adjoining Patrolling Point (PP) 14 – site of the June 15 clash – has inexplicably been rendered a ‘buffer zone’ along the LAC, instead of being on the Indian side of the line itself and thus an area over which India has full freedom. взять займ под залог автомобилязайм через интернет на банковский счетвозьму займ займ в уфе срочнозайм по просроченному паспортубыстрый займ на карту без проверки кредитной истории

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