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Delhi Riots: Hospital Owner Shares Horrendous Tales Of Police Brutality

Delhi Riots: Hospital Owner Shares Horrendous Tales Of Police Brutality

The case of Dr Muhammad Ehtesham Anwar who was arrested by the Delhi Police at the time of northeast Delhi riots is one among the many cases where simple allegations were used to detain and arrest civilians for simply exercising their rights.

Dr Anwar was actively taking care of people severely injured during the protests against CAA when he was arrested on several alleged instigating speeches at the Farooqia Masjid, a mosque in the locality, that he had helped organise. The police allege, “A false news was spread there that Muslims would not be given Indian citizenship due to NRC, and they would be sent to detention camps.”


Dr Anwar has denied making any such speech and even if he had, he would have been just exercising his constitutional rights as an Indian citizen. Progressive Medicos and Scientist Forum(PMSF) has demanded the false case to be withdrawn and an investigation to be started on the same issue.

“Apart from a violation of democratic rights of the people, the filing of a false FIR against Dr Anwar is a frontal attack on a doctor committed in service of the people, and at a time when the need for such services could hardly be overstated,” said Dr Harjit Bhatti, National Convener PMSF.

When victims itself are presented as oppressors and criminals, it shows the current state of the failed government and the power of the people when it comes to speaking their rights.

The four-page letter written in Hindi by Dr Anwar to senior officials of the Special Cell and Crime Branch, a copy which is with the Outlook, has levelled serious allegations against the officials of Special Cell and Crime Branch of Delhi Police. He writes that the police constables threatened him for telling the truth to the judge and accused him of bringing light to the issue. He also asked for protection as he had received several threats.

The riots reportedly started after a hate speech made by BJP leader Kapil Mishra, the Delhi High Court of Delhi noted. “Hours after his speech, goons att­acked minorities and started torching their houses and religious institutions in Maujpur,” Haaji Yunus, AAP MLA says.

“How many more lives have to be lost? How many properties have to be destroyed?” asked the HC. BJP’s tendency to blame minorities and play the victim card can cause more trouble than any other problem.

Dr Anwar is just one among many, who have been arrested and detained for months based on alleged activities. Safoora Zargar, a student activist who was arrested for speaking up against the CAA and for alleged crimes recently made headlines when her plea, requesting bail as she was four months pregnant, was denied.

Jamia Coordination Committee members Safoora Zargar, Meeran Haider, Jamia students Asif Iqbal Tanha, Gulfisha Khatoon, Jamia Alumni Association President Shifa-Ur-Rehman, JNU student Natasha Narwal, activist Khalid Saifi and Umar Khalid were some of the other activists that were arrested under the draconian UAPA act. мой займполучить займ на карту911 займ взять займ на долгий срокбыстрый займ первый без процентовзайм без отказа всем

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