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BJP’s Clear Raj In Rajya Sabha With More Than 100 Seats

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The ruling BJP now has 86 members in the Rajya Sabha after elections to the 19 seats across several States on Friday. In the recent elections to 19 Rajya Sabha seats from 10 states, BJP bagged eight while the Congress got four. The BJP on its own now has 86 members and the NDA, the alliance it leads, has gone past 100 in the House of 245.

With the result of the latest round of biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha, the BJP-led NDA has further widened its gap with the Opposition in the Upper House of Parliament, with the BJP now having more than double the number of seats, while rival Congress is down to 41.

The NDA is now comfortably placed in the Rajya Sabha as it now has nearly 100 members in the 245-member House. If the support of friendly parties like the AIADMK (9), YSR Congress Party (6), and several allied nominated members and smaller parties is counted, then the current BJP-led government is unlikely to face any serious numerical challenge there.

With Friday’s results, the BJP has entered its lead in the Rajya Sabha, where it had initially struggled to get its preferred Bills passed since 2014. The ruling BJP government is gaining control over the number game in Rajya Sabha, the upper house of parliament. Next month, Rajya Sabha polls are scheduled in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, both are BJP ruled states, and there the tally of party’s seats in Rajya Sabha is sure to reach above 90.

There is still a way to go for BJP, as the party is still far from its aim of having a majority on its own in the Rajya Sabha, like in the Lok Sabha. The crumbling position of opposition is evident as BJP has prompted many defections from them. The Congress has accused the BJP of “horse-trading”, alleging that it had engineered defections from its ranks for political gains.

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Particularly in two states, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, Congress MLAs defected one after another, strengthening the BJP’s chances in the elections. BJP has been accused of resort politics, defections from oppositions, and buying and selling of MLAs. In Madhya Pradesh, earlier this year, the BJP government is pulled down the 15 months-old congress government after Jyotiraditya Scindia rebelled and got 22 Congress MLAs to resign. Right after Scindia quit congress, BJP rolled out the red carpet for him by awarding him a Rajya Sabha ticket within hours of his joining the party.

BJP has been involved in such tactics in past too, with the aim of gaining control of the Upper House. BJP wants to attain a clear majority in both the houses of parliament and want to push congress to the corner because the legislative agenda of the ruling government in its first term was often hampered in Parliament due to the Opposition’s numerical superiority in the Upper House, and the Congress had more numbers than the BJP in the first few years. This is the main reason behind BJP’s politics that they want to gain control with the majority in both the houses. pay ps займзайм простосрочный займ на карту на длительный срок займ в орлезайм для неработающихзайм на карту на 3 месяца

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