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Bindra Alleged to Get Involved in CAA Protests in The Name of Langar

Bindra Alleged To Involved In CAA Protests For Serving Langar


DH Bindra, an advocate from Delhi, gained fame after he put up langar or a public kitchen during the violent riots taking place at Shaheen Bagh against the Citizenship Amendment Act. He also arranged the public kitchen at the anti-CAA riot site at Chandbagh for a short term.

The Quint reported that Bindra had disagreed with having any indulgence in the Delhi protests. He said that all he had only put up up langar. “I only did what my faith taught me, what our Gurus taught us. I don’t understand why I am being targeted because of that.”

Delhi Police registered a charge sheet in the demise of constable Ratan Lal under FIR 60 which mentioned the name of Bindra. He said, “What wrong have I committed? Is serving langar a crime?”

Basically, langar is the Sikh term for the ‘community kitchen’ in a Gurdwara where all the visitors are served with a meal irrespective of religion, caste, gender, economic status, or ethnicity. The meal is vegetarian and most of the times vegan. In the Gurudwara, people sit and eat together while the kitchen is managed and served by Sikh community volunteers. 

Sikh-based organisations like Khalsa Aid, Midland Langar Seva Society,  Delhi, Langar Seva Society who helps the general public. After The Quint had a glance over the registered charge sheet, which handles the death of Constable Ratan Lal and the protests at Chandbagh, it was noticed that his name was not added in the list of the 17 accused people by the police though Bindra has been mentioned under the FIR 60.

Though a news report earlier targetted on Bindra only and his supposed indulgence in the protests, Bindra stated that a right to counter to the accusations was not given to him. The story demanded that Bindra is a member of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen but he disagrees with being part of any political group.

The charge sheet claims that the protest was the workmanship of Bindra among several others.

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“The riot at this site was the handiwork of DS Bindra, Salman Siddiqui, Salim Khan, Salim Munna, Shahdab and Athar and others in cahoots with local rioters.”

The police on several affidavits have placed their accusations against Bindra. The first is from constables, Sunil and Gyan Singh who are beat officers in the region according to the charge sheet. The charge sheet states, “They are beat officers and had been regularly visiting the protest site and according to them Salim Khan, Salim Munna, DS Bindra, Suleman Siddiqui, Ayub, Athar, Shahdab, Upasna, Ravish and others were organisers of the protest site.”

According to one, Akram Ahmad, Bindra along several others asked him to put up the tent preparations for the riot and one, Dushyant Kishore said that Bindra requested him to prepare langar. Also, the charge sheet notes, almost similar affidavits by Najam Ul Hassan, Toukir, and Salman alias Guddu regarding the role of Bindra.

The charge sheets stated that DH Bindra had asked the locals to execute a protest against CAA and he said that “I will put up langar and medical camp. The entire Sikh community is with you. If you don’t come forward then your fate will be similar to that of Sikhs in 1984”. как получить быстрый займ онлайнзайм омскекапуста как оплатить займ быстрый займ на карту без проверокмани мен займзайм по телефону

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