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Amulya Leona granted bail

Amulya Leona, Who Raised Pro-Pakistan Slogans At Anti-CAA Rally, Gets Bail After 4 Months

Amulya Leona granted bail
(Photo credit: The Wire)

Amulya Leona, the Bengaluru college student, who was arrested in February on sedition charges after she shouted pro-Pakistan slogans at a public event, has been granted bail.

Bengaluru court granted bail to Amulya Leona in a sedition case against her for raising pro-Pakistan slogans. She was arrested for allegedly shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans at an anti-CAA protest held at Freedom Park in February in which Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi had taken part.

Amulya was denied bail on Wednesday with sessions judge Vidhyadhar Shirahatti saying that if the bail is granted to the petitioner then she may abscond. The court granted bail last night after hearing the bail application. Her advocate, on her behalf, said “the petitioner is just a 19-year-old and she is studying in a private college in the Bengaluru.

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Just after the sessions court rejected her bail on June 09, another magistrate court had granted her bail. The metropolitan magistrate court granted her a “default bail” since Bengaluru police had failed to file chargesheet in the case within the mandated 90 days period.

Amulya, a journalism student studying in Bengaluru, was arrested on February 20, when she stood on the stage and hailed ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in her speech. While she was addressing the public from stage, Amulya Leona suddenly shouted the pro-Pakistan slogans, taking the organisers and Owaisi by shock. Owaisi scrambled to stop Amulya Leona from chanting slogans for Pakistan as others got on the stage to take her away. She was later arrested on charges of sedition. She has been granted bail after 4 months since the arrest. займ под 1 процентбыстро займ на карту сбербанкабыстрый займ ставрополь займ под 1 процентбыстро займ на карту сбербанкабыстрый займ ставрополь

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